Wide receiver Sidney Rice may have scored the game winning touchdown in overtime on Sunday and it’s safe to say he definitely earned it.

On the play Seattle QB Russell Wilson rolled out to his left and hit Rice who took the ball into the end zone and then got drilled by bears safety Major Wright, who hit him so hard Rice fell to the ground in a heap and lost the ball.

Replays showed that Rice was diving into the endzone and after the ball broke the plane was when Wright hit him and knocked it out.

Rice told Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times that he was fine, and that he was forced to stay down because having had a couple of concussions previously they wanted to make sure he was O.K.

“I definitely knew I was in there,” Rice said. “They just made me stay down because I got a little dinged up there for a second. They made me stay down. They took me off the field, but they knew I was in the end zone.”

Yahoo! Sports has a video of the hit – and it’s a scary one to say the least.