It appears that Scott Pioli’s vision of continuing the winning tradition in Foxboro out in Kansas City isn’t going to pan out.

According to Nick Wright of, he’s heard from a ‘reliable source’ that Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel have both been informed they won’t be back next year.

One would have to believe the fact they were told and are even being allowed to finish out the season is simply a courtesy considering what they endured with the Jovan Belcher incident a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately at the end of the day, it comes down to the results – which haven’t been good since Pioli arrived.  The Chiefs are 23-39 in four seasons under his guidance, with a franchise quarterback in Matt Cassel who didn’t pan out in Kansas City the way he did in his only full season in New England.

The biggest difference is the Chiefs didn’t surround him with enough talent but more importantly enough protection, as Cassel has been injury plagued after getting knocked around quite a bit during his tenure there.  To make matters worse it appeared that they also stopped trying to get him to develop and grow and basically threw him to the wolves, and the result has just been an absolute mess.

They have played in only one playoff game during Pioli’s tenure, and they’re currently 2-12 heading into these final two games.

While the two denied they’d been informed of any such firings, the writing appears to be on the wall, and the facts don’t seem to leave you to believe they’ll survive after the final week.