It’s probably not an easy thing when your future isn’t in your own hands, and neither is your present.

That basically seems to apply to Jets quarterback Tim Tebow right now, as Tebow once again found himself passed over this week in favor of third string quarterback Greg McElroy after head coach Rex Ryan elected to sit starter Mark Sanchez.

Tebow is basically powerless right now and is trying to say the right things, but after being asked if he felt he had been passed over, he told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that, “All you can ask for and all you want is a chance.”

When questioned whether or not he was given one, he told the newspaper after a long pause, Tebow responded, “(I) try to make the most of every opportunity I have. Would have loved to have more.”

As it stands right now it doesn’t appear that Rex Ryan is willing to give him one over these final two games, as other published reports say Sanchez will be the back-up, leaving Tebow as the odd man out.  Clearly Ryan knows his future is uncertain and he’s going to take his chances with McElroy.  Either way should he survive the most-certain front office purge this offseason it seems like Tebow will be gone once the year comes to an end, so there appears to be no benefit in letting him take snaps away from McElroy.

For Tebow, he had no say in coming to the Jets and it’s a season that he’ll probably want to forget after suffering fractured ribs while enduring an injury for a team that didn’t seem to want him after all.  Should they elect to trade him elsewhere, he won’t have much of a say in terms of where he ends up either.

Given a lot of his early success in Denver one would believe he’ll get an opportunity somewhere.  But Ryan appears to have slammed that door shut over the final two games, taking that ‘chance’ Tebow was looking for with it.