It’s got to be tough to be a Buffalo Bills fan.

It’s bad enough they’re potentially placing their hopes in the hands of quarterback Kevin Kolb, who has been a guy with quite the injury history.  Saturday watched him suffer a bizarre injury that could affect his chances of becoming their starter heading into this season.

According to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, Kolb slipped on a rubber mat walking from one field to the other and injured himself.  Trainers reportedly looked at Kolb’s knee following the incident, and citing another report from WGR Sports Radio’s Sal Cappacio, the quarterback was “visibly upset” on his way into the locker room.

Not a good start for the Bills, who if Kolb’s knee injury is serious may now be placing their hopes on quarterback EJ Manuel for the 2013 season.

Manuel already seemed to have the edge after Kolb’s experienced accuracy issues in practice, and the rookie also seems to have a “presence” when he walks into a room that has caught the attention of the coaches and Bills GM Dough Whaley.

So it appears this setback may have opened the door for the rookie to step in.  Something to keep an eye on before the Patriots visit the Bills in Buffalo on September 8th.