Eagles WR Riley Cooper goes over a play on Tuesday after returning to practice. (PHOTO:Reuben Frank via Twitter, CSN Philly)

It’s been a controversial week for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, and after being excused last week following the revelation of a racial slur he used during a concert earlier this year, Cooper is set to return to practice on Tuesday.

According to Field Yates of ESPN Boston the embattled receiver will return to practice and is also set to speak to the media.

Cooper had reportedly been excused to seek counseling following the widely publicized incident on YouTube during a concert back in June where he screamed a racist remark at security.

Following the incident there had been some concern that Cooper may be released by the team, but head coach Chip Kelly later confirmed that wouldn’t be the case. The fact he’s back so soon seemed to be somewhat surprising judging by the buzz coming out of Philadelphia, as most seemed to think his absence from the team was going to last longer than it did.

For now they’ve stood by him and he’s back on the field. Although how this affects him long-term will likely be the bigger story in the coming weeks as well as into the season.

He’s reportedly going to speak the media following Tuesday’s workouts with New England.