Rex Ryan finds himself in the precarious situation of trying to keep his job at a time when there’s so much centered around the success of Mark Sanchez or rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

Neither quarterback is off to a banner start this preseason, and it apparently wouldn’t matter if they were lighting up opposing defenses or turning the football over because Ryan doesn’t seem to be paying attention anyway.

It seems he’s more focused on making sure his defense doesn’t give up any points, telling reporters he wasn’t really watching the offense during Friday night’s preseason game against the Lions.  It makes you wonder if he’s completely given up on either player to be productive in the Jets’ offense this season.

“I had my own issues on the other side of the ball, so I really never focused a whole lot when he was in there,” Ryan said. “We’ll see it on tape. You guys probably saw more plays than I did.”

Not paying attention is certainly easier than watching Sanchez throw the pick six he threw in the loss. Although we’ll share it with you here: